Skin Programming, Vitamin A, C & E

The Power of Skin Programming with New Ingredients


Why do we promote using Vitamin A,  3-4 times a week not 7 days a week?

Vitamin A, in various forms, is a powerful ingredient included in skin care formulations for a targeted purpose of increased cellular differentiation and proliferation that increases the strength of the epidermis of the skin, as well as collagen and elastin production, but is also performs roles in the body with the immune system, cellular communication, and the reproductive system.

Because Vitamin A is the most powerful of all the Vitamins and using it is similar to going to the gym every day for your skin, but too much or even over use and you can cause your skin to feel worn out and inflamed. If you are on a Vitamin A programme we believe it is more healthy to give your skin time for a break every couple of days to make the maximum use of the effect of Vitamin A and let it do its job better. We also promote using Vitamin A at night only when your skin is able to repair itself much better that when under attack from UV rays during the day even if you have a sunblock on. The skin can use Vitamin A supplementation some twenty times more effectively at night. This is part of we call the positive influence of the Circadian rhythms. We also believe that it is good for your skin to go off a Vitamin A type cream for a period, in exchange for other hydrating and positive influencing creams/serums because this means that is does not have a total reliance on a specific ingredient and any adverse effects should there be no supply.


Vitamin C and its function in the skin?

This is one of the most widely know and popular ingredients in skin care and is an essential element in your skin care management programme that helps to provide components for your immune system through enzyme activity, part of producing collagen and elastin, and also helping to protect against UV damage and by lightening pigmentation. However there are some very new and advanced technologies in the form of peptides that can be combined in formulas to work with your skin to provide even better results now. Old basic ascorbic acid type formulas of Vitamin C are long gone, a great skin care brand will have Vitamin C spread throughout its range of products to ensure you have maximum exposure to Vitamin C use in your skin. There are new designer type forms of Vitamin C such as Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Aminopropyl Ascrobyl  Phosphate as well as the very best Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate(MAP) which are placed in specific formulas to widen their core function.


Targeting your Skin

This is really nothing new, but what we can do is provide better results with certain product formulations that can target specific conditions in your skin to get a better result. This means that your specialist can prescribe specific products for home care that are placed on the skin in a more concentrated fashion whether they be for glycation, wrinkle reduction or inflammed skin. These product are more for direct action and work with special treatments as opposed to general maintenance. Targeting your skin can only be performed with concentrated specialised formulations. For instance we would use a strong anti-glycation formula on the eye, crows feet or fore head area after a professional enzyme and retinol treatment to attack the effect of toxic sugar that causes inflammation, dehydration and devitalisation, or we could use a specialized anti-inflammation cream on the cheeks area to reduce down redness, after a green tea calming treatment before further acid mantle support with fractionated oil infusion and hydration. This is part of what we call skin programming which is now possible with new advances in dermal science.


Skin Programming

This is a new concept that only truely advanced systems of skin care can provide. It is a combination of professional treatments and advanced home care that can actually programme the skin to respond positively to provide a result. This means that we use a variety of professional modalities to turn your skin 'around'  and then support it with powerful peptide and botanical based product formulas that work with the treatments to actually help drive the skin in a positive direction, not just clean it up. Whether it be reducing inflammation, increasing basal layer growth to reduce wrinkles and thicken the skin or removal of pigmentation, there is a lot of new science that is available to the skin care professional to help people who want real results. This is covered in our personalised clinic modulated training programmes.

See other details in our science section to discover more about Skin Programming.