Sensitive Skin

More Advanced Formulations Lead to Better Skin Control.


New biotechnology and science has now enabled us to produce formulations with Circadia products that have very high levels of specific ingredients that can help instruct the skin to 'stay calm' under various conditions enabling the reduction of redness, couperose and inflamed skin.

This means that conditions such as Rosacea, Ezcema and wounding healing, from whatever cause, can now be managed much better and reduced down, while the positive effects of increased blood flow and the immune system continue to operate as per normal.

We have a product called Rose-Ease Relief Cream, which is designed to deal with the causes of the Rosacea, which in more severe cases is linked to the Demodex mite which creates inflamed penentrations in the skin like that in the picture below. 


Clinic Testimonial

I have a few clients with various levels of rosacea that come to my clinic for treatment, and one client has the condition quite badly.  She has the dermadex mite as well as a lot of high colouring.  We decided to try the Circadia Rose Ease Cream and were thrilled at the quick results!  When she returned for her next appointment two weeks later,   her skin was much clearer with no little white spots and no high colouring either.  Needless to say she is very pleased and will continue to use the cream.  I am only too pleased to be able to help with this distressing condition and find a cream that is affordable and that truly works with no irritation or other side effects.  
Janice Young – B Beautiful Clinic, Auckland.


Our home care products deal with the common causes of Acne including; bacterial control, excessive sebum production and resulting inflammation. In terms of dealing with this you only need 2-3 products, and used for 2-3 weeks you start to see positive results occuring. This includes our acne specific Cleansing Gel with Salicylic acid, that lathers into a light, creamy foam that deep cleanses the skin to remove impurities and reduce inflammation and surface oil, combined with soothing Pathenol(Pro-Vitamin B5), without drying the skin.




We also have a very specific wound healing and protective product called Post Peel that forms a protective occulsive over burns, scratches, wounds, bites and surgical incisions to help prevent microbe and bacterial infection and water loss prevenetion, whilst enhancing key healing processes and reduction of inflammation. This is a very unique and effective product that can be also be used after face peeling techniques for advanced dermal rebuilding. In combination with Tranquili Cream these are some of the best products in the market place for helping healing the skin.

Both Post Peel and Tranquili Cream have been used in New Zealand for recovery from burns, wounds and surgery.

Another enhancing and booster product Circadia has developed for post surgery and assisting the actions of the above products is called Chrono-Calm which is a very concentrated serum incorporating numerous new peptides to reduce the negative effects of inflammation; Telangyn, QuenchT, Beta-Glucan and Abbysine PF(polysaccharides from deep sea hydrothermal vents) as well as sea Algae beneficial factor Homeo-soothe(brown seaweed extract) and Lanatellis(a blend of green tea and chrysanthellum inducm extract).

These types of products are typical of the advanced nature of Circadia by Dr Pugliese and are based on years of dermal research and the use of advanced formulation ingredients.

Further information on the science Professional Treatments utilising wound healing and topical oxygen, penetrating deep into the skin can be viewed in our Dr Pugliese skin science articles page.

Our MEG21 products also offer patented science that helps to reduce general inflammation in the skin caused by excess sugar intake, through research and developed from technology derived orginally from diabetes testing. Whilst these production are not medicines they are the world's leading brand in anti-glycation skin care technology, and many happy New Zealand clients have provided feedcback to support this.