Resurfacing and Peels

Advanced skin care and rejuvenation techniques using superficial peels.

Resufacing and induced peeling of the skin is an aesthetic process that has been practised for decades, but it has become more refined with the availability of more professional treatment options and more advanced post care products. The process is simple. The skin type and condition is matched up with the most appropriate peel formula and the skin is induced to peel. 

When we refer to Lactic peels also known as Alpha peels we are talking about infusion of specific ingredients to enhance the quality of the skin, but not with a large peeling component, although flaking can occur.

When we refer to Beta peels like Circadia's Dermafrost and Jessner, with a component of Salicylic Acid, we are talking about peels that do have infusion capabilities but more used so they induce the skin to peel. Every person's skin and condition is unique so they will respond to the peel in a different manner with some peeling very easily where as other can take a couple of treatments. 

In terms of the time of the year to peel, the winter months are the best when UV light is lowest during the day. Consideration must be taken into account for any possible stimulation of the melanocytes that may trigger and cause pigmentation. We suggest that you use an advanced pigmentation inhibitor and reducing formula at least two weeks before your peel. The peel process can last for up to four days.

Skin type and peel selection is also an important component of the peel process. Your professional skin specialist or therapist will anlayse your skin and decide on the best peel product for your skin type and condition. The dermal peel is an optional part of a programme for managing your skin and enhancing your condition and should include rebuilding products used after the peel to get the very best result possible. Prior to a peel your skin needs to be analysed accordingly and may include a build up of several treatments to help soften and exfoliate it prior to the peel.

Please see below for further information on the function of some of the Circadia peels.

pK Peels by Circadia

Accelerated exfoliation, commonly called peeling, is a mainstay of esthetic practice. over the years peels have been marketed in many modalities, including chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments. the immediate benefit of a light peel is a general brightening of the skin’s appearance through the removal of surface proteins (stratum corneum).

The strength of peels has historically been determined by the pH(Power of Hydrogen) and percentage of the acids. In 2006, Circadia introduced the pK Peel series. Seven popular peels included in one kit provide a range of treatments from the very light Lactic Acid, to the popular  Salicylic Acid, to the more aggressive Jessner’s. Our signature Mandeliclear with Vitamin A accelerator is part of an effective regimen for hyperpigmentation for darker skin types who are more subject to pigmentation.

Lactic Acid

Circadia’s Lactic Acid peels are gentle, safe and well tolerated by most skin types. Lactic Acid is not only effective for lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation but is also considered hydrating. There is no downtime and clients should expect little or no physical peeling. This peel is offered in 30%, 35% and 45% concentration.


The DermaFrost is offered in two strengths: 12.5% and 25% Salicylic Acid. It is effective for helping to address acne and is considered self neutralizing. Clients can expect a mild to moderate amount of physical peeling. Good for beginner estheticians looking to get more experience with peels.


The Alpha/ Beta peels are a combination of Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid, giving the esthetician the benefits of both acids in one peel. These peels are gentle and very well tolerated and at the same time extremely effective. They will leave the skin soft, more even toned and luminous. These peels may be purchased in two different strengths 30% Lactic Acid / 10% Salicylic Acid and 40% Lactic Acid / 15% Salicylic Acid.


The Mandeliclear Peel system was developed specifically for attenuating pigmentation issues associated with darker Fitzpatrick skin types. A “Half Jessner” with added benefits of mandelic acid makes this peel effective for brightening pigmentation associated with acne, melasma or photo damaged skin.


Circadia’s Jessner peel is a true Jessner peel. It has an effective blend of Salicylic, Lactic Acids and Resorcinol, each with a concentration of 14%. this is a versatile treatment, great for dealing with multiple skin conditions. The client should expect significant peeling, with moderate downtime.