Plant Stem Cell Extracts

Plant Stem Cell Extracts Offer Superior Botanical Advantages.


The use of plant stem cells extracts in modern skin care formualtions offers some very exciting and positive options for maintaining skin at its optimum and most youthful condition. Plants have some unique features and benefits that can assist human cellular biology similar to the nature of how tree bark works to protect the outer shell of plants and trees. Each plant stem cell extract has a different function and is placed in a specific formulation for that purpose.

Please also note that most of the formulations on the Beauty and website also use traditional botanicals to enhance the effect of the formulations. Plant stem cells are considered 'super cells' because of their unique capbilities.

Below are the stem cells that we have researched and included in our Circadia formulations.

Biotechnology - Plant Stem Cells found within Circadia Formulations.

Apple Stem Cell (Malus Domestica).

Protects longevity of skin stem cells.  Delays senescence (loss of a cells power of division & growth) of essential cells.  Combats chronological ageing.

Circadia Formulation: MeriStem Serum.


Distinctive Phytostem Edelweiss Stem Cell (Leontopodium alphinum meristem cell culture extract).

Strong anti-oxidant, anti-collagenase and hyaluronidase (a mucolytic enzyme that decrease the viscosity of the intercellular matrix by breaking down hyaluronic acid) activity helps to limit the degradation of important macro-molecules in the skin, promotes hydration.

Circadia Formulation; Counter A.G.E. Serum, MeriStem Serum and Revita-Cyte Complex.


Marrubium Stem Cell (Marrubium vulgare meristem cell culture extract).

Protection from strong radical scavenging, long term protection through maximization of skin cell defence system.

Circadia Formulation; Tranquili Cream, Bright White Serum.


PhytocellTech™ Solar Vitis (Grape stem cell extract).

Protects skin stem cells against UV stress.  Delays senescence (loss of a cells power of division & growth) of essential cells.  Fights photo-aging.

Formulation; Light Day Sunscreen SPF37.


Distinctive Phytostem Gardenia Stem Cell (Gardenia jasminoides merstem cell culture extract).

Boost collagen synthesis, reduces collagen de-gradation, inhibits collagenase synthesis.

Circadia Formulation; Emergency Eye Lift, Fraction V.


Distinctive Phytostem Lilac (Syrina vulgaris leaf cell culture extract).

Anti-inflammatory, sebum regulator, anti-fungi and acne bacteria inhibitor.

Circadia Formulation; Daytime Control.


Refer to our ingredients technology page for further information on specific peptides, plant stem cells extracts and botanicals.