Food, Nutrition and Skin

The Link between Cellular Nutrition and Skin Care


As science and technology develops we are seeing a closer relationship between food/nutrition and skin care formulas. Already there are numerous botanicals that are used in skin care, these are beneficial herbs for the body, also taken internally or used in food preparations. These same botanicals that have been used for thousands of years by human kind, have not changed and are still providing protective and supplementive benefits at a cellular level.

Skincare formulas are becoming even more sophisticated with the use of new designer ingredients that help to instruct the skin cell how to defend, increase in hydration, reduce inflammation, detoxify and much more.

Skincare has advanced significantly over the last 5 years to provide a variety of new forms of peptides, anti-glycation ingredients and advanced plant stem cell extracts that can help in a wide variety of ways to increase cellular longevity and protect against the deterioration of cells from ageing, DNA damage, stress, toxins and other invaders whether from the outside or within.

This truly is a new dimension of skin care that we are moving into.


As one of our Educators says; "The worst thing you can do for your skin is not wear a quality sunscreen". This is very much the case when your skin cannot repair itself whilst it is under constant attack. These new sunscreens led by the USA PASS(Public Access to Sun Screens) Coalition has created a new standard of suncare that will reduce the affect of skin cancers and also increase the safe application of higher quality sun screens. Dr Harry Fallick who developed and supplies our TIZO sunscreen is a Charter Member of the PASS Coalition.

New ingredients are now being incorporated into these advanced sunscreens to create formulas that also hydrate, and protect the skin by providing secondary means of dealing with free radicals through peptide technology. We now have sunscreens that are 'photo-stable' meaning they will not deteriorate in the sun or on the body when they absorb the power of UV light. They are also 'broad spectrum' which means that protect against UV A & B, whereas SPF is only a measure of UVB. These sunscreens are so well formulated and are so light feeling on the skin you don't feel you have them on, but in fact they are much stronger than the old sticky formulas.

Because there are more scientists on the planet, there are many more discoveries being made this produces better formulas and better products for consumers to use. We have much more specific and functional formulas now, that work to deal with almost every skin condition and especially the inflamed and sensitive skin resulting from environmental damage. Below is a picture of the cell wall which protects the all our cells from invasion, but also is designed to accept the functional ingredients such as hormones, peptides, vitamins and fluids.

The best skin care scientists have developed ingredients that are accepted by this structure to create skin that is healthier.


Another area of research is the role of the mitochondria in the body as we age, and this is now being studied in more detail and revealing some new facts. When we are young we are so active and vibrant but as we age this slows, due to the fact that we are losing our energy and this in part is due to modern lifestyle and the loss or dysfunction of mitochondria in the cell. But not only do mitochondria create energy they are important for cholesterol metabolism, estrogen and testosterone production, detoxification and signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, oxidative stress, thermogenesis and cellular apoptosis(death). These are all factors that contribute to healthy functional skin. Internally and externally we are constantly under attack and the healthier our physiology is the better we will survive.

Mitochondria have their own DNA solely from the mother parent. We can actually create more mitochondria as we age through calorie restriction combined with effective exercise to combat the effect of lifestyle and toxins. There are also some new ingredients like resveratrol that help mitochondrial function and this has been seen in the media in dietary supplements in recent years.

Mitochondria are the essence of life in the cell and will make our skin look and feel better. See other information on the site for stimulating the Krebs Cycle to enhance cellular activity in the skin.

If you eat good quality food high in phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and proteins the body is able to convert these into essential components used in the energy cycle, protective enzymes and building blocks for other critical functions.

The body is such an incredible piece of machinery that no man-made structure will ever surpass its sophistication.

In recent times the body is becoming over supplied with fuel in this modern age of food convenience, with too much sugar, fat and salt. Sugar is a major concern and causing diabetes in the body, but also creates precursor conditions such as inflamed skin, wrinkles, breakdown of collagen and elastin, and oxidative stress.


When we look at the best skincare products and treatments today we see many of the ingredients that can be found in food that supports life. We are effectively fueling our skin, our outer protective and sensor layer, by using high quality skincare formulas, such as those found on this website. Expect the level of sophistication in skincare formulas to rise in the coming years as we discover more about our skin, including the mystery of elastin, supporting hormones through botanical ingredients, stimulating the Krebs Cycle that builds mitochondria, sugar detoxification through enzyme inhibition, controlling and reducing pigmentation, and much more.

Your outer skin is a reflection of the inner health of your body.

Feed your skin and body wisely and stay healthy.

Article; Matt Clark of Aesthetic Solutions NZ.