Toxic Sugar Effects

MEG21 was orginally developed from research into diabetes relating to nerve damage and blindness, and consequentially then developed into an advanced cosmetic product to help detox, and enhance the skin by reducing inflammatory effects of excess sugar, help re-hydrate the skin and reduce oxidative stress, as well as reduce and inhibit cross linkage of collagen and elastin which develops A.G.E's (Advanced Glycation End Products).

New science and technology is producing evidence that excessive consumption of sugar is linked to a number of diseases and degrading effects on the human metabolism.

Review the links below to educate yourself more about the general effects of excessive of sugar on the body. These links are not specifically designed to sell or promote the sale of MEG21 but merely help educate you.


"Is Sugar Toxic?", The 60 Minutes Documentary.


The New Science of Sugar Addiction by UCTV