The Pillow Case

Sleep Lines No More.

Designed and developed by eminent skin science researcher and educator this pet project has become a reality for many persons who suffer from 'sleep lines' and dehydrated skin during the night.

the Pillow Case


Skin care moves into the realm of functional fabrics with The Pillowcase.  A luxuriously soft fabric scientifically designed to support your skin while you sleep, it maintains the skin’s hydration and even helps prevent sleep lines that cause wrinkles. A real luxury and accessory for your beauty regime.

Key features;

  • Acts as a second skin to protect your face in the night
  • Reduces TEWL(Trans-epidermal water loss)
  • Very smooth, comfortable and calming during the night
  • Collagen stimulating to enhance the skin
  • Special 20,000 microfilament per square inch fabric

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