What the Therapists Say:

New Zealand

"I am the owner/operator of The Face Firm Clinic, I have recently made the transition to Circadia clinical and retail products. I had been using a very well known line of product for the past 12 years and decided it was time for a change, Circadia clinical products have given results beyond my expectations, I am so impressed, also utilising the retail products which have excellent ingredients that have provided even more amazing improvement in my clients' skin, the feedback I have been receiving has been very positive and confirms that I have made the right decision."

Anita ~ The Face Firm


"We love the Circadia Products.  The professional treatments are unbeatable and the retail products are well priced and extremely effective.  Circadia is truly a professional only product, with amazing support, training, samples and point of sale items.  If you are looking for a results driven, well priced product, then Circadia is for you."

Colleen ~ The Villa Beauty Therapy


"I have working with Circadia  since it was first introduced into New Zealand. It is a very powerful and result driven range, with amazing combination of high-quality ingredients, not only for the professional therapists  but for the home care client also.
The range provides professional treatments and home care solutions for all skin conditions.
I am a huge believer in the SWiCH(Skin Wellness in  Cellular Health) treatment, an "inward-out" rejuvenation treatment, and the Oxygen RX, two very unique treatment modalities to Circadia, by Dr Pugliese. Together with prescribed home care my clients see fabulous results. Circadia certainly offers a very high level of advanced education for the professional skin therapist."

Claudia ~ Alegria Beauty Farm


United State of America

“The name Circadia brings a smile to my face. I’ve been in skin care for over 30 years and have never encountered a company as well rounded and gratifying as this. Circadia brings the best education and the finest service not to mention the most amazing result oriented treatments and products to our world of esthetics. Kudos to the Pugliese family. My business would not be the success that it is without you."

Linda Rae ~ Linda Rae Skin Care, Fort Lauderdale, FL


“We have really benefitted from incorporating circadia treatments into our practice. We have been using the circadia oxygen treatment for our acne and rosacea patients. Their skin has more clarity and less inflammation, and patients are very happy with the results. The diversity of the Circadia line and results from home care regimens have really made a difference for our patients."

Monica Dupen - Director / Owner, Spa Bella Medispa, Denver, CO


“There are many products from Circadia that I love but my absolute favorite is the MyoCyte Plus. The tightening and firming effects from this little miracle in a bottle is incredible! It has four of the strongest peptides available to reduce wrinkling and it works great under makeup. This is the best anti-aging serum I have ever used!"

Jess Moss - Currie Hair Skin and Nails, Philadelphia, PA


“The Oxygen RX treatment, by Circadia, is an absolutely fabulous treatment for many skin types. I’ve had great success with it for about 7 years now. The complexion looks as if it just got a breath of fresh air!"

Colleen Cunningham - Owner/Esthetician Skin Deep Beauty Therapy, San Diego, CA


"One of my favorite treatments is SWiCH for people over 40 years of age. Although I was a skeptic to give SWiCH to myself, due to my sensitive skin, I gave it a try with fabulous results. Honestly, I believe my skin is healthier than it has been in years!"

Cynthia K. Jones - T.L.C. Esthetics, Dallas, TX