Fine Hair Removal

The Ultimate in Professional Fine Hair Removal

This highly effective system of fine hair removal is specially designed for the professional skin care specialist. It will remove the fine light coloured hair that IPL won’t.

It is designed mainly for fine hair removal, although it will remove strong male type hair and also has a cleaning/exfoliating effect on the skin, and hence it can be used in special circumstances for target exfoliation, but this should only be applied after special training in that skill. It is for the trained professional only and is not a home care product.

The Depil-8 system has been designed for maximum effect with minimum contra-indications. The Depil-8 professional kit includes the special Circadia by Dr Pugliese products Hydralox and Post Peel which are neutralising and repairing formulations, with high levels of anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants and soothing agents, applied after the product has removed the fine hair. Post Peel will also create an occlusive barrier that prevents TEWL(Trans Epidermal water Loss).

The treatment takes between 10-25 mintues depending on how much of the face is done, with instant removal of the fine hair.

It is generally not done on Indian, Asian and darker skins.

The kit includes a special mineral only chemical free SPF40 called TIZO3 that can be applied to the skin that won’t react with the exfoliated surface.

See the pictures below to show the instant effect of the Depil-8 system working.