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Research opens tomorrows door. You can be part of it.

Dr Peter T Pugliese on Phermone Study

At Skin and we have been working in the skin business for many years and are always looking for new and exciting products and formulations that work well to provide you with a successful result.

We only do in-clinic training in small groups which includes retail products, professional treatments with treatments on models, discussions on advanced skin conditions, client analysis, product formulations/design and skin programming applications. Our education is supported by detailed power points and back up information including research and educational skin science papers. Our goal is to increase your client education services provided by providing the most effective treatments available, of which we have. We guarantee that you and your therapists will learn something new in every training session. Contact us to discuss the new science.

Part of this process is to understand how the skin works inconjunction with the body, and what ingredients will provide the very best results, this makes it quite exciting. We educate our therapists to understand many of the components of the skin and how to match them up with the correct ingredients and treatments. Luckily we have had alot of experience over the years and now have some of the most powerful and effective products available. Our brands formulations have been extensively researched with selected and tested new ingredients that, with new technology only just coming onto the market. One of our key brands, Circadia by Dr Pugliese, is originally formulated by an eminent researcher, educator and scientist who was the first skin specialist in the 1970's to test the effective penetration of the nutitional cosmetics into the skin. He is now the USA's leading cosmetic formulator and consultant and a living legend. Circadia is managed by his grandson Michael Pugliese who also works the US trade show and education circuit, providing a very high level of education for skin specialist and therapists.

You will feel and see the difference of his work when you try one of the Circadia products.

Years ahead of his time Dr Pugliese researched how sensitive skin is triggered, how to ehance the ATP(Energy Cycle), how to properly use Oxygen topically  in the skin, the difference of male and female skin, accelerated wound care recovery, advanced skin formulating and much more.

Dr Pugliese has published a number of professional books that are at the forefront of educating our professional therapists and skin specialists to a very high standard, for the benefit of consumers and clients throughout the world.

Glossy magazines are great and help introduce you to a new product, but we will help you find you a product that you will never want to put down. The science is changing ever so quickly now and Circadia is committed to staying up with the pace.

Should you have a concern about your skin you can visit one of our clinics, or contact us to dicuss your requirements.

We have treatments and formulations to provide results for just about every difficult condition.


Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition by Peter T. Pugliese, MD


Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition by Peter T. Pugliese, MD is considered the gold standard of information for every skin care practitioner. Used as a textbook and a reference, this 2005 masterpiece of skin science opens the door to understanding the biological processes of age related disorders. For estheticians and physicians in the beauty field, this book provides an instant resource to use in building an ongoing relationship with a patient/client, including pre and post-op care of the skin. The text is fully illustrated, includes a comprehensive index, many helpful tables and diagrams.

Contact us to learn more about this wonderful book and how you can use it to advance your career as a skin specialist or advanced beauty therapist.


Pre and Post Surgery Skin Care with the Latest Ingredients and Technology

We offer post-care surgical packs with on-going after care support with our treatments to help accelerate recovery, reduce the effect of any infection through catalase stimulated oxygen infusion, and supercharging the energy cycles of the skin to ensure the best recovery. We use advanced pigmentation inhibitors, semi-occulsive healing agents with destress peptides and broad specturum photo-stable UV sunscreens. We understand how the how the skin works in-conjunction with the whole body.

Contact us to discuss how we can help prescribe you with the latest home care technology.