Flawless Silk Legs in a Can!


This is the choice of professional make-up artists used in NZ TV series 'Go Girls' and 'The Almighty Johnsons'.

Create beautiful legs, arms and body with the best natural ingredients with this silk based amazing non-oily product.

No stains, no smells, no streaks, just spray on and lightly caress upon your legs, no need to rub in or any penetration into the skin.

With a choice of three lovely colours, Natural, Terracotta or Coco, this product adds instant flavour and tone to your legs, or hides imperfections.

Amazingly water proof, sweatproof and rub free, its washes off with cleanser to create flawless, airbushed, silk legs.

No risk of staining your lovely dress with cheap oil based products.

Ideal for fashionable evening out, the races, days in the sun, shopping or school balls, AirStocking is premium quality.





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Available from any of our skincare outlets.