Our Philosophy

Product Selection

Every product brand we have selected is based on our 16 years of experience in the NZ advanced skin and beauty care market.

Each product we have is designed for a specific purpose in the skin at the highest level of care.

Education and understanding are fundamental to helping clients get the best results.

We incorporate classic botanicals, new biotechnology including peptides, anti-glycation and new antioxidants to create the most adavanced treatments and products.

We offer science based treatments that provide immediate results in the skin.


Education and Science

We educate consumers about how to choose the best product and how our science works.

We educate skin care specialists and therapists on treatment programmes, skin analysis and formulations application.

We understand that the skin care business is changing rapidly and that we have to provide the highest standards possible.

Skincare products are your insurance against premature aging and environmental insults. They need to be the best.

This site will provide you with a new insight into the science of skin care and introduce you to new products.


The New World of Beauty and Skin 

The skin care market has changed dramatically in the last few years to become much more advanced.

Only the best products will create loyalty amongst consumers who have high expectations.

Beauty and Skin.co.nz is where therapists and consumers who are serious about skin care visit to get the real science and results.


If you are a professional beauty therapist or skin specialist and wish to talk to us about how to start using any of our brands please contact us.

We have special opening offers for professionals who want to enter into the world of advanced skin science.