New Technology 2016

New Technology is leading the way to provide far better solutions for consumers.

The world is a changing place. There are more scientists working in the laboratory, more discoveries being made everyday and new formulas being presented for consumers to use. This means that there are better solutions and better results for your skin. 

Our goal is to provide stronger more resilient skin, more supple skin, youthful and healthy skin.

Circadia by Dr Pugliese is committed to delivering the very latest in skin science solutions and formulas.

Listen to Michael Pugliese talk about why CIrcadia is different to all the other brands.

Below are some of the new components of skin formulas that Circadia are sourcing to provide the most advanced solutions possible.

Circadia's New Snow Algae and Spirulina Cooling Gel

We are now releasing this new professional only formula;

Refresh, Revitalise, and Replenish with Nature’s Power

Circadia’s Snow Algae and Spirulina Cooling Gel Mask 

Your skin deserves the very best and latest technology from nature.

The team at Circadia’s science laboratory are pleased to present the power of nature with this refreshing and revitalizing new botanical mask that delivers a unique new snow algae, blue spirulina with an array of beneficial plant based botanicals through a safe non-menthol or alcohol cooling delivery system.

The same calorie restrictive technology and defense mechanisms that enable a unique extremophile snow algae to survive and flourish in the high reaches of glaciers and snowy mountains is delivered into your skin at a cellular level with this special treatment.

The instant hydration of this cool gel mask makes your skin feel more fresh, calm, supple and youthful, whilst stimulating collagen growth, strengthening of the deeper layers of the skin where wrinkles start, and also trigger the AMPK enzyme that helps to reduce cellular stress and increase detoxification.

Circadia is created by skin scientists, who understand how the physiology of the whole body works with the skin, to deliver results.

Talk to your Circadia specialist today about this unique new treatment and how we can customize a skin care programme for your needs.

The two ingredients below are soon to follow in a new calming, soothing and hydrating professional formula;