The Worlds Leading Anti-Glycation Skin Care Brand Now Available in New Zealand.


We selected MEG21 because it is based on extensive research with patented ingredients and offers immediate results.

It was developed by a Dr Annette Tobia as a spin off from Diabetes reserach at the Fox Chaser Cancer Center.

Consumers in New Zealand have experienced results beyond expectation with the MEG21 brand.


Developed as a cosmetic 'spin-off'  from medical research in the USA, MEG21 is now the world's leading anti-glycation skin care brand.

Glycation is a cellular process where excess sugar and carbohydrates in our diets damage the proteins that keep us young and healthy.

This is seen in pre-mature ageing in skin and the development of stiff, cross-linked, brittle, inflamed and dehydrated skin.

Supplamine is a patented ingredient in MEG21 products that helps to reduce this condition and inhibit the effect of excess sugar.

A.G.E(Advanced Glycation End) toxins are produced when sugar molecules attach themselves to an amino acid in your skin.


Contact your beauty or skin specialist today receive a free sample of MEG21 to feel and see the difference in your skin.

A percentage of all MEG21 sales is donated to Fox Chase Cancer Centre where the origninal science was discovered.

MEG21 is committed to developing more new and effective anti-glycation products for your skin and beauty regime.

New products including a Cleanser and Toner have just been released in late 2013.


MEG21 Eye Treatment ~ New Zealand's Best Anti-Glycation Eye Formula.




See the link below to view details of the Dynamis Clinical Study 'Supplamine 28 Day Trial.'


MEG21 Key Features from Tests and Trials;

►Increased Smoothness

►Incresed Firmness

►Increased Moisture

►Reduction in Fine Lines

►Increased Skin Tone


MEG21 Testimonials 

As a beauty clinic owner I am always looking for that 'something that works'.  I came across MEG21 face and neck cream a couple of years ago and have been selling it and using it since.  This is a top end product that truly delivers.  My clients have noticed even after just one week of use a difference in their skin.  Those with that crepey neck line saw the lines start to soften and others noticed how much clearer and firmer their skin looked and felt.  If there was one particular product that is a 'must have' for the mature skin or dry skin, this one is it.   The hygienically made container ensures you do not use too much too.  Once clients have started using MEG21 and see the results they come back for more.  I am really thrilled anew cleanser and toner in the range is coming out too.  For me personally, I dislike my throat area finding it a bit aged.  But now I use MEG21 I can see a definite improvement in the appearance, and feel and I love the fragrance of it too. This is certainly one cream I would not be without.



Sarah Says: "My neck used to feel so dry and look so wrinkled, but now I have used  MEG21 Advanced Formula I will never go back, and I have tried alot of products in twenty years but now it feels and looks so smooth and hydrated, it's just amazing."



Ada Says: "I am a professional beauty therapist in Christchurch and we have been through alot of stress here, I just cannot do without my MEG21 Antioxidant Boost, it is the best product for my skin I have ever tried that fixes stressed skin".



Cell Therapy Antioxidant Boost contains the special MEG21 ingredient Supplamine but also antioxidant extracts of Indian Gooseberry which is very high in Vitamin C,  and Grape Seed Extract a proven antioxidant to provide the ultimate skin cell therapy to fight stress resulting from glycation, free radicals and a busy lifestyle. This product can be used on all parts of the face and neck, as a booster on on its own, and has a silky smooth finish.



This amazing hand cream developed by MEG21 is said to be more powerful than most general face creams in the market place, however it  been designed for people who spend a lot of time outside in the sun either gardening, playing golf or just exercising. 

Julie says: "I have tried a few different hand creams, but this is more like a face cream for the hands, the appearance of my hands changed after just couple of uses and they feel so smooth and hydrated now, it is the best hand cream I have ever had. Thank you."


MEG21 offers two new products for 2014!

Try the new 'Clean and Clear' Moisturizing Cleanser with trinity tea complex, rosemary oil, orange fruit extract, tangerine oil, soapbark and soapwart to cleanse and hydrate, also with anti-glycation amino acids arginine, lysine, glysine and proline to help boost vitamin c production as well as panthenol as a moisturizer and vitamin for the skin.

Also new is the 'Refresh and Refresh' Mositurizing Toner with MEG21's amazing Supplamine, infused with hyaluronic acid the best absorbent for vitamin and antioxidants, arnica flower extract, cranberry fruit extract, witch hazel, orange and lemon fruit extract, lavender oil, tangerine oil, tyrosine, proline, panthenol, ATP(adenosine triphosphate) to boost cellular energy.


MEG21 by Dynamis Skin Science is the world's leader in anti-glycation skin care technology and has been used by consumers in New Zealand for over 5 years, with wonderful results for alot of happy clients. Contact us to find out more where you can purchase or receive samples to trial this amazing range of product.